DataEase 8 - Video Tutorials 2 (with sound)


Main Form and Sub-Form

(September 19th, 2013) - Video 12

We are looking into more relationships and how main form and sub-form concept works.


Lookups in Field Derivation and Validation

(September 19th, 2013) - Video 13

This video looks into how to create lookup in a field derivation. Also looking at the how validation works.


Difference between Form and Table

(September 19th, 2013) - Video 14

This video is a good one to learn about the difference between a form and a table. 


Introduction to DQL

(September 19th, 2013) - Video 15

Here we are introducing DQL (DataEase Query Language). Which is a powerful scripting within DataEase. 


More on DQL (Video 1)

(September 27th, 2013) - Video 16

On this video we are showing all about how to convert a quick report into DQL and work with it. You will learn about styles, style sheet, body, footer and header.


More on DQL (Video 2)

(September 27th, 2013) - Video 17

This video is continuation from Session 16. Showing more about DQL design. Even more to come on DQL showing all about processing. 

 Ad-hoc Relationship

(October 1st, 2013) - Video 18

This videos shows about ad-hoc relationship.

 Temporary Variables

(October 1st, 2013) - Video 19

This video is all about temporary variables. 

 Temporary Variables 2

(October 1st, 2013) - Video 20

Continuation from Video#19 

Temporary Variables 3

(October 1st, 2013) - Video 21

Continuation from Video#20

Global Variables

(October 1st, 2013) - Video 22

This video shows all about global variables. 

Global Variables 2

(October 1st, 2013) - Video 23

Continuation from Video#22