DataEase 8 - Video Tutorials 3 (with sound)

 Export Using DQL

(October 1st, 2013) - Video 24

This video is a good start for learning about exporting data using DQL. You can do do more with DQL export. But, this is just a start.

 Introduction to OML

(October 9th, 2013) - Video 25

This video is all about introduction to Object Manipulation Language (OML). Starting for a new programming environment. And also powerful area where you can work with objects. 

 Introduction to ExecDQL

(October 9th, 2013) - Video 26

Introduction to ExecDQL. This is a new function only available in DataEase 8. Very powerful function. Video gives you an introduction to how you can use this.

 More on OML

(October 17th, 2013) - Video 27

This video shows more on OML. How to hide and show a button, depending on a field value.

 More on ExecDQL

(October 17th, 2013) - Video 28

This video shows more on ExecDQL. How to read script from a file and execute from it.

Introduction to CDF

(October 17th, 2013) - Video 29

Introduction to custom defined function (CDF).

 More on CDF

(October 17th, 2013) - Video 30

More on CDF, showing how to open an Excel spreadsheet, URL and PDF document.


Custom Menu, Toolbar and Tab Order

(October 24th, 2013) - Video 31

This session explains all about customizing menus, toolbars and setting tab orders. 

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